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Super Bowl XLIV, Extra Bold

Reviewed Feb. 4, 2010 by Armin

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Super Bowl Logo, Before and After

There is no Sunday like Super Bowl Sunday: The friends, the beer, the chips, the bets, the ads… and, oh yeah, the game. And just in case you were confused by this year’s Pro Bowl being played before the Super Bowl, heed the news, the Super Bowl is this Sunday in Miami, Florida with the New Orleans Saints playing the Indianapolis Colts. But aside from mentioning the obvious, let us turn our attention to the Super Logo, designed this season by Attik.

The development of Super Bowl XLIV’s identity system was an exciting challenge for Attik. First, it’s the most exciting night in professional American sports and second, 2010 was the first year that the NFL had given the logo and visual identity system project to the same agency. And since we had done the visual identity system for XLIII, we felt more than ready to take on both this time.

One mandatory from the NFL was that they wanted the logo to be more representative of the power and boldness of football as opposed to overtly representing the host city, like it had done in the past. Our response was to allow the city’s personality to come through the system’s color palette and support graphics.

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl XLIV

The theme of the 2009 regular season was “Own the Moment” and we used that powerful mindset to develop the creative foundation for the identity. This foundation was the idea of a strong competitive duality; the Super Bowl is 2 teams, from 2 conferences fighting for that ultimate victory. The design reflects this by having a bold sense of symmetry and the upright / ball lockup provides a central, relevant focal point.

It was a fantastic process from beginning to end. Being allowed to work with the client on a strong strategy first and then go into design helped yield a great solution. The designs started as a simple and pure mark and then we let it grow and evolve into an extensive and functional system. We can’t wait to see it on Sunday!
— Project insight provided by Attik

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl XLIV

All images above provided by Attik.

The XLIV logo certainly feels bold and powerful, more so than any Super Bowl logo I can remember — here are all of the logos for reference — and I like that the logo wasn’t forced to look like Miami, otherwise we might have gotten a more festive interpretation, perhaps too much Miami Vice. Looking through the old Super Bowl logos, it’s interesting that XLIV is only the third logo to use a football and the first to use a goal post. I’m not entirely convinced by the goal post but I think it’s one of those concepts that is so obvious most people simply avoid it and, well, sometimes you shouldn’t avoid the obvious. Since the goal post is secondary to the typography, it works well in this context. Speaking of the typography, man, that is one husky type! It’s really hard to ignore and it has great presence. The one thing that is a little confusing is the shadow under the “SUPER BOWL” text… I can sort of see where it’s coming from, but it’s left a little ambiguous as to where the dimensionality exists. Nonetheless, this is a pretty solid iteration of a very difficult, ongoing brief and at the end of the day, it’s all about the ads. Sorry, I mean it’s all about the game.

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl XLIV

Patch and football images from Hlvtca.

Update: I uploaded the wrong logo, which was an older version of the XLIV logo. The new logo has been updated, showing the correct colors and the right drawing of the football. Apologies.



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