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The Land of Scot gets Creative

Reviewed Aug. 19, 2010 by Armin

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Creative Scotland Logo, New

Established on July 1, 2010, Creative Scotland is the new representative body for the “arts, screen and creative industries” in Scotland. “We think,” states the website, “Scotland’s arts, culture and creative industries are worth shouting about. We’ll lead the shouting.” Creative Scotland replaces two institutions that previously represented the arts, Scottish Screen and the Scottish Arts Council. (The latter might sound familiar to some as it was, supposedly, the logo that Quark ripped off back in 2005). The identity was designed by Edinburgh-based Leith who were paid between £25,000 and £35,000 depending on the source and because the money came from public funds, the public is entitled to their opinion. Nuggets of criticism include “rubbish,” “wretched,” and “ugly.”

With the logo, we intend to shine a spotlight on creativity in Scotland and we encourage our arts, screen and creative industries to show off their work using the logo.

At the heart of our identity is the idea of ‘people, place and ideas’ and we wanted a way of writing the name that would embody this, ‘Creative Scot’ and ‘Creative land’ — something that was inventive and surprising. That’s why the words are split. Also, by placing the words where we have, a subtle ‘C’ and ‘S’ abbreviation for the organization is formed. Some people will notice it straight away others may not.

The geometric shapes of the circle and square represent the building blocks of visual form, they are familiar, but placed in this context become contemporary symbols working in partnership. They can also function on their own, outside of the marque and this will be revealed as the identity is brought to life.
About Our Brand on their website

It’s hard to disagree completely with the public. The logo is not good. The problem, unfortunately, lies in its execution. The visual concept, of forming the “C” and “S” from a circle and square, is actually fairly clever but the way it’s done is not convincing at all. A few more rounds of refinement and exploration would have arrived at a better solution. The typography should have been a little bolder to amplify that white space inside the shapes, and the shapes themselves are too far apart to be read as an acronym, they just feel like separate things that happen to be next to each other, rather being integrated. They have also pulled the ol’ Put Images in the Logo trick, which is always tempting and in this case they have the shapes for it but it just doesn’t add up to anything exciting or innovative. So I wouldn’t go as far as calling it wretched or rubbish, but I also wouldn’t categorize as creative.

Thanks to Jason McDowell for the tip.

Update: New images and description in from design firm Leith. Images previously shown were not officially sanctioned.

Creative Scotland Logo, New

Creative Scotland Logo, New

Creative Scotland is a reflection of every piece of creativity produced in Scotland, so our intention with the identity and its applications is to allow Creative Scotland to tell the stories of creativity that exist. The identity will act as a platform for Scottish culture.

At the heart of the identity is the idea of ‘people, place and ideas’ and we wanted a way of writing the name that would reflect this. What we also did by placing the words where we have is to create a subtle ‘C’ and ‘S’ abbreviation for the organization. Some people will notice it straight away others may not.



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