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TNT Post Carries On by Itself

Reviewed Apr. 11, 2011 by Armin

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TNT Post Logo, Before and After

With roots as far back as 1752, chronologically, and Australia, geographically, TNT Post is the official mail carrier in The Netherlands, owned by TNT Group, who also operate TNT Express. Employing 77,000 people, TNT Post processes “8.8 billion addressed postal items (including 100 million parcels) each day and delivers to more than 88 million addresses in the Benelux, Germany, the UK and Italy.” Last week, TNT Group announced that TNT Post will begin to work as an independent company, starting on May 31, 2011 and will be renamed PostNL. The identity will be implemented first in The Netherlands, and later in the other countries it operates in.

Our new name PostNL symbolises the reliability and down to earth approach of our company. This name does justice to our past, something we are very proud of. By the same token we emphasise that we are a true Dutch company, with ambitions that go beyond mail and operations that reach beyond our borders. Our three-sided logo symbolises the heart of our company, with mail, parcels and e-commerce at the core.
Press Release

TNT Post Logo

While the old logo wasn’t particularly interesting it certainly had equity and an important place in the Dutch visual landscape. The new one carries over the orange color, the crown, and the lowercase typography, so that’s a start. The three-pointed holding shape, although not very unique, at least has a good rationalization and is nicely animated in the video above. The typography is a good evolution from the old one and I wonder if it’s a custom font that will be used for implementation. It’s a shame they decided to dress it up in shading and put an unfortunate stroke around it, because the logo by itself is strong enough to work as a 1- or 2-color mark. It will be interesting to see how the new logo fares in contrast to the familiar TNT Express fleet and packages that will still roam the world.

For now there isn’t much more information or images on the application, so if those become available we will do a follow-up.

Thanks to M. Heijmerink for first tip.



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