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Very Bubbly

Reviewed Aug. 18, 2009 by Armin

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Very Logo, Before and After

Originally established in 1923 as a soccer gambling business, Littlewoods expanded into a catalog retailer 1932 and even opened brick and mortar store in 1937 and its merchandise grew to include everything from clothing to electronics. In 2005, Littlewoods merged with Shop Direct and established Littlewoods Direct as the online and catalog consumer brand that in the last four years has become one of the leading retailers in the UK. And this past July, Littlewoods Direct rebranded itself as Very and repositioned to appeal to a younger demographic — 25 – 45 according to this article — with the help of Wolff Olins.

Very Logo, Detail

Very Logo, Before and After

Twitter icon.

Offering over 10,000 products in the fashion, mother and baby, and home and technology categories, Very is striving to give online shopping a boost of social networking by providing a range of forums on their web site, all through a consistently bubbly and preppy look and tone, to a fault I think. The whole brand feels very much like a teenage brand and I have a hard time making a connection between the overly colorful graphics and the fact that I could buy a $2,500 leather couch. There is a little bit of a disconnect in that respect.

Very Magazine and Directory

Magazine and directory covers.

But, visually, this is a really exciting brand. The new wordmark is unexpected and is quite simple, with its chunky curlycues giving it enough personality and memorability. I do wonder what the wordmark would look like with the opposite spacing: Something that lets those curvy letterforms breathe and allow the consumer to enjoy those friendly curves. The supporting graphics are simple and can take form as a variety of visual devices which goes a long way for a company with such a vast range of offerings.

Very Logo, Before and After

Very bags at sneak preview event. Photo source.

Very Logo, Before and After

Very event in Glasgow. >Photo source.

The images above show how its possible to give the brand a slightly more sophisticated and mature look with an all-black approach. Overall, this is an interesting new brand with a bold look to match.

Thanks to Martin Jordan for the tip.



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