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Whipping a Classic Miracle

Reviewed Jun. 2, 2009 by Armin

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Miracle Whip Packaging, Before and After

Miracle Whip, the zingy alternative to mayo, has apparently seen better days in terms of mayo-alternative ubiquity and has re-entered the market positioning itself to the 18-to-34-year-old demographic. Which typically means some sort of social application, in their case Zingr, but that’s the least interesting part of this. The new label and logo are remarkably Old School, reversing the order of Before/Afters in consumer packaging by ditching the swirls and overly friendly and loopy typography for an almost disarming simplicity. Apparently all the thrift shopping of vintage stuff by the 18- and 34-year-olds has finally paid off and that oldish look can feel new again. Fingers crossed, this will be the first of many consumer brands to revert back from the crazy scripts and wild backgrounds.

Miracle Whip Packaging, Before and After

Old and new bottles, side by side. Photo by Bee Forks.

Miracle Whip TV AD

Frame from new TV commercial by mcgarrybowen. Image source.

Thanks to Brittany Forks for the tip.



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