Before starting the online submission process please make sure you have everything listed here.

We recommend preparing a text document from which to copy and paste instead of writing directly on the form.

Project Details

1. Design Credits

Name and title of people you would like credited.
Please list as Role: Name (i.e., Graphic Designer: Jon Doe)

2. Client

Name of company, organization, product, or service.

3. Client Description [50 words max]

Who are they? What do they do? Where are they? Who is their audience?

4. Brief [100 words max]

What was the assignment? The challenges? The limitations?

5. Approach and Solution [100 words max]

What informed your process? What was your concept? What did your solution achieve?

Decide on Delivery Method

6. Are you mailing your entries or uploading electronically?

Read about the two options here. You must specify method.

IMPORTANT: If you are Uploading Electronically

7. Your PDF(s) must be ready!

During the online submission process you will be asked to upload the PDF for each entry, so you must have the PDF ready before starting. At checkout you will be billed for the printing of your PDF. You must specify page count and page size (Letter/A4 or Tabloid/A3).


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