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Creative Directors

Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani

Art Director

Eduardo Mattos


Kako (Kakofonia Studio)


Eduardo Mattos, Luisa Borja, Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi


POEMA: Gustavo Saiani, Caio Vaccaro, Luisa Borja


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Andaluz Identity by PlauAndaluz Identity by PlauAndaluz Identity by PlauAndaluz Identity by PlauAndaluz Identity by PlauAndaluz Identity by Plau


An audio/video pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny estab­lished in 2013 by a mul­ti-cul­tur­al trio of film­mak­ers. They cre­ate, direct, and pro­duce their self ini­ti­at­ed projects with tech­ni­cal and cre­ative rig­or. The sto­ries they cre­ate are usu­al­ly oneir­ic and non-lin­ear with plen­ty of room for interpretation. 


To design the new com­pa­ny’s brand­ing. The three cin­e­matog­ra­phers had come up with Andaluz as their name—two of them just arriv­ing from Spain and high­ly influ­enced by film­mak­ing dur­ing the sur­re­al­ist peri­od. They were in the very ini­tial stages of their busi­ness fac­ing fierce com­pe­ti­tion in a thriv­ing mar­ket, and their goal was to look estab­lished and be tak­en as respect­ed con­tenders in enter­ing gov­ern­men­tal incen­tive grants and in bids for pri­vate fund­ing for their pro­duc­tions. Nev­er­the­less, they were run­ning on a tight bud­get and required a cre­ative­ly eco­nom­ic solution.


The con­cept of sur­re­al­ism was clear from the begin­ning, their name stem­ming from the short sur­re­al­ist movie Un Per­ro Andaluz by Luis Buñuel and Sal­vador Dalí. For the logo noth­ing made more non-sense to us than a scratch­board illus­tra­tion of a rock­ing chair + horse head let­ter A for the logo­type. Kako, a mas­ter illus­tra­tor from Brazil ren­dered our con­cept bril­liant­ly. For the busi­ness cards, CD case, and web­site, non-lin­ear­i­ty, noise, a splash of inex­pen­sive yel­low paper with mono­chrome images, 7 stamps, fucked up scans, and Futu­ra and Adobe Gara­mond, com­plete the retro psy­che­del­ic brand image.

In our first approach with the designers, we had many ideas and references for our brand. Knowing their talent, we trusted them to interpret and develop our ideas—we really wanted their contribution. When they showed us the first logo ideas, I was amazed by the result. At that very moment I felt the strength and impact that that logo would have when finished. It could synthetize everything we ever wanted for our brand. Simply amazing. Today we get compliments all the time for the brand, but more than that, we are remembered in our market for it. — Glauco Guigon, Co-Founder at andaluz

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