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Lead Image

Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral


Production Method

Foil stamp



Caramel Creative

Art Direction: Aaron Lee
Design: Michiel Reuvecamp
Photography Retouching: Justin Kane
Copywriting: Rowan Wilson
Production: Carla Wood
Caramel Creative Studio: Support!



Offset: McKellar Press / Foil: Avon Graphics / White board: Chapel Press

Mega-luxurious with assorted foils, debossing, and full bleed photography, these promotional materials for Oracle apartments are positively persuasive. The copywriting is divine and subtle choices in paper and color convey true sophistication. I like what The Oracle is telling me.  



The Oracle Broadbeach (on behalf of Kordamentha)

Quantity Produced

1,000 Lifestyle Brochures
500 of each Apartment type

Production Cost

Production Time

Brochures: 2 Weeks
Pearl Foil: 4 Days
Clam Shell Containers: 2 Weeks
Lettra Fluroescent white: 4 Days
Total Production Time: 3 Weeks

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

11.81 in (300mm) × 14.76 in (375mm) × 0.6 in (15mm)

Page Count

Lifestyle Brochure: 74
Ultimate Brochure: 44
Skyhome Brochure: 36
3 Bedroom Brochure: 36
1 & 2 Bedroom Brochure: 36

Paper Stock

Cover: K.W Dogget / Expression Super Smooth / Radiance / 352GSM
Internal pages: 148GSM

Number of Colors

6 Colour Press


Brochure cover: Pearl Foil with punch, 225mm diameter
Brochure back cover: Silver Foil with punch, 100mm × 20mm
Pearl Foil with Deboss on Lettra Fluorescent White, 150mm × 190mm


Section Sewn with Drawn on Cover


Georgio Sans
Century Schoolbook


Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral
Oracle Residential Marketing Collateral ---

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Project Description

The Oracle is one of Australia's premier residential apartment developments. Situated in the heart of Broadbeach, it features two towers rising above the Gold Coast's most desirable boulevard on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. These unique apartments offer outstanding views, spacious residences and unmatched amenities.

Prior to Caramel Creative's involvement, the development had gone into receivership. The challenges it faced included a depressed market, stiff competition, price depreciation, negative media, no retail activation and the fact that it had been operating with an inconsistent brand, which didn't resonate with buyers.

Caramel Creative was engaged to rejuvenate the brand in order to make the residential opportunity attractive to potential buyers once again. We looked at the positives such as the luxurious apartments, beachside lifestyle and first class facilities with a view to making the most of these assets and bringing them to potential buyer's attention.

To get the project back on track we focused on being brave, invigorating the brand and placing the brand where it could be strong and exclusive. In discussions with the client, we stressed the need to have the guts to stand-alone. We wanted the brand to be easy to follow, create a movement and reward those who appreciated and were loyal to The Oracle brand. We wanted The Oracle to be seen as the place to be, develop the precinct, chase the style leaders, engage ambassadors, champion exclusivity, build the profile nationally and internationally, spread the word and develop separate strategies based on audience.

We started by redeveloping the brand into one people could trust. This was done by making it fun, making people feel special and creating talkability. At every point we reminded consumers that The Oracle is Broadbeach's premium apartment development on one of the world's most iconic and vibrant beachfronts.

Key activities included a complete photography and video shoot, elegant print collateral, engaging residential and retail advertising, immersive and interesting websites, eye-catching outdoor advertising, cinema advertising, comprehensive precinct signage, a new sales suite as well as fun community engagement activities in the boulevard such as the organic Farmers Market, the Jazz Festival and Gold Coast Fashion Festival.

All of these activities were aimed at making The Oracle the place to be, with the key objective of selling residential apartments. Specifically as it applied to the printed pieces, we aimed to make tailored pieces for each product type to make our messaging more direct. To date, this has been achieved with great success. Confidence and interest in the market is returning and The Oracle is being recognised for what is—a truly limited edition, bespoke and timeless lifestyle opportunity not likely to be seen again. We continue to work with the client to allow The Oracle to reach its full potential.

Production Lesson(s)

The pearl foil on the front cover provided real challenges in the production phase. Smudging occurred due to the size of the foil, which made it difficult for the press to achieve a consistent downward pressure. We learnt that working with foils of this size is problematic, but thanks to the efforts of our supplier the issue was successfully resolved.

Managing multiple suppliers, to meet multiple sub deadlines in order to reach a fixed, final deadline proved challenging but ultimately successful. Communication with the suppliers on a daily (if not more frequent) basis was crucial to ensure that any problems were addressed and everyone was abreast of any issues that had the potential to affect the final outcome.”

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Jessica Mullen

Writer for UnderConsideration LLC.

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Date Published

October 31, 2012


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