2016 Brand Neue Conference: Pre-sale


Announced January 12, 201601.12.16 by Armin

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We are delighted to announce that BNConf is coming to Europe this year! On Monday June 20 and Tuesday June 21 we will be hosting the 2016 Brand Neue Conference in Amsterdam. (Yes, the “Neue” name change is very much on purpose as a general hint that this BNConf is in Europe.) Speakers will be announced around mid-March and we are currently doing a ticket pre-sale where you can buy tickets at the lowest possible price.

Taking the conference to Europe is a big gamble and a huge effort for us so this initial pre-sale phase is extremely important to gauge interest and start funding the actual event. So if you are remotely interested and have faith in our ability to put together a memorable event (based on your perception of the previous 6 BNConfs we’ve done) please consider registering before March 4 when we will close the pre-sale phase. You save money and we are able to not lose our minds in the process wondering if people will show up.

If you are wondering or unclear: The 2016 Brand New Conference in Nashville in September will also be happening. Our plan is to come to Europe every other year (and that year we will, indeed, be doing two conferences, U.S. and Amsterdam).

In all previous conferences we’ve done, we have a huge list of European speakers we want to bring to the U.S. but our budget is limited so now those huge lists will be deployed in Amsterdam and we will be bringing some Americans along with us.

So, Europe (and Asia and pretty much everyone on that side of the Atlantic Ocean): consider yourselves invited. Registration is now open!


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