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Established in 2001, ForeSee Results “measures satisfaction across customer touch points and delivers critical insights on where to prioritize improvements for maximum impact.” With 200 employees and 58 million completed surveys ForeSee Results has become one of the most reliable tools for measuring customer satisfaction and is quoted regularly in the media. In August, the company announced it would be shortening its name to ForeSee and introduced a new logo designed by Lippincott.

ForeSee is also announcing today that it is shortening its name (from ForeSee Results to ForeSee, to align with how it is already known in the marketplace) and introducing an updated logo that will reflect the evolution of its greatly enhanced capabilities. The new name and logo will roll out gradually and strategically on ForeSee communications and consumer-facing surveys over the next six months.

“We’ve made it our mission to link the customer experience to the bottom line since day one,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee. “The update to our logo and name reflect our expansion and growth over the last few years into a company that helps other companies drive future success by confidently prioritizing the efforts that they know will achieve business goals.”
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The old logo didn’t need a customer satisfaction survey to figure out that it was horrendous. The elements — thick brush arrow, whispy serif, tiny sans serif — were bad enough on their own that they should have never been brought together. So improving on it wouldn’t bee too hard and the new logo achieves it without having to try too hard. It’s a nicely typeset rounded sans serif, it’s well spaced out, and it does a very good job in translating the capitalization of the name’s two words with the color change and by putting “SEE” in the triangle. The implied arrow of the complete wordmark makes for a great evolution of the old logo. The softer red also makes it less smarmy and look more like a sophisticated tool worth paying thousands of dollars for and it makes for a more trusting endorsement mark of survey results.

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