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Self-Initiated by Family Tree

Quantity Produced

200 each

Production Cost

Production Time

3 Weeks

Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth)

12 in × 18 in

Page Count

Paper Stock

Uncoated 80 lb cover

Number of Colors

2 spot
Glow in the dark ink





This piece is available for purchase for $25 each / $80 set (Regular Edition)
$35 each / $100 set (Special Edition)

Back in September we featured the scarily popular Monster Friends posters organized by Alex Pearson. Just in time for the holidays Alex has organized a second series featuring the Phoenix, El Chupacabra, Behemoth, and Leviathan. To top off last year’s effort, this series comes in two versions:

A regular 2-color print, and a Special Edition 3-color print with an added Glow in the Dark ink. The Special Edition also has extra illustrated details not in the regular version which are revealed only in the dark.

This is the second Monster Friends print set I’ve orchestrated, and although I approach it as a business venture and a product to be sold, I also want the creation process to be a fun collaboration for the artists involved. I think you can tell when someone enjoyed making something. It has more life in it.

Monster Friends Series 2 Posters

They glow in the dark!
--- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters --- Monster Friends Series 2 Posters


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Monster Friends Series 2 Posters


Production Method



Phoenix: Alex Pearson
El Chupacabra: Julian Baker

Behemoth: Jim Tierney
Leviathan: John Solimine



Kangaroo Press

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November 29, 2010


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