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2016 Brand New Conference: Ticket Giveaway

We have 40 (!) free tickets up for grabs today for the Brand New Conference in Nashville, TN on September 15 – 16. Read on for details.

35 free tickets come courtesy of our following sponsors:

Hoefler & Co. (8 tickets)
MailChimp (5 tickets)
Classic Color (3 tickets)
School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding (4 tickets)
MOO (7 tickets)
Sappi (2 tickets)
Commercial (2 tickets)
Event Compression Group (2 tickets)
Jive (2 tickets)

Since ticket sales are still going strong and we will have a limit of 1,000 attendees UnderConsideration will add only 8 tickets to the giveaway. (We usually match the number of sponsor tickets).



2) You have until Tuesday, August 30 at 12:00 PM Central Time to leave your name and email in the form.

3) We will put all the names in a bag, shuffle ’em and pull out 40 winners (plus 10 for wait-list). We will record and post the video for authenticity.

4) Winners will be announced shortly after that in the comments below and by email.

5) Only submit your name if you are clear to attend the conference on Thursday and Friday, September 15 and 16; do not take away someone else’s chance to attend. This is an issue every year and it’s extremely time-consuming and annoying.

6) Travel and accommodations are your responsibility.

7) People who have already registered for an in-person ticket (as opposed to a webcast) are not eligible.

8) Winners must register online by 11:59 PM Central Time on Thursday, September 1, 2016. If not, the tickets will start going to those on the wait list.

General Reminder: The last day to register online will be Thursday, September 8, assuming there are tickets left. You will have all day and all night to do so. This applies for both in-person tickets and webcast registrations. No exceptions.

Update August 30 @ 12:00 pm CT

No more names will be included in the drawing. The form is now closed. Will be back in a couple of hours with the winners.

Update August 30 @ 1:30 pm CT

Here are the winners. Please look for an e-mail from me with instructions. Gmail users, please check your “Promotions” tab as this is coming via our email campaign system (MailChimp!). IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME BELOW AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY EMAIL, e-mail me at

Remember: Winners must register online by Tuesday, August 30 at 12:00 PM Central Time. If not, we will pass your ticket to the next person in the waitlist.

Video of drawing embedded below the list of winners.

From Hoefler & Co. (8 tickets)
Abby Brocato
Daniel Surgeon
Jessica Sacker
Mary Claire
Michael Braley
Rishi Murugesan
Ryan Magsino
tricia wong

From MailChimp (5 tickets)
Garrett Osepchuk
Ily Phelps
Jean Hahn
Micah Sledge
Steven Olimpio

From Classic Color (5 tickets)
John Freeborn
Joshua Gilley
Mike Hegberg
Rachel Dlugos
Sydney Michuda

From School of Visual Arts – MPS in Branding (4 tickets)
Armando Alvarez
Eric Durr
Gregory Coleman
Hayley Turner

From MOO (7 tickets)
Brian Hodges
Calee Cecconi
Dustin McNeal
Emory Cash
Logan Buerlein
Masiel Tejada
Mike Sulick

From Sappi (2 tickets)
Caras Taylor
Sawyer Denton

From Commercial (2 tickets)
Nick Krusick
Jeffrey Prater

From Event Compression Group (2 tickets)
Kristy Gotham
Kyle Hodgman

From Jive (2 tickets)
Melisa Woo
Ty Sanderson

From UnderConsideration (8 tickets)
Chuck Creasy
Josh Cook
Marco Benatoff
Matt Uminski
Miles Quirk
Paige Thompson
Shawn McKinney
shelley sanders

Wait list (16 people in order of pull)
Lawson Soward
Will Denton
Mallorie Bruce
Emma Butler
Ali Larsen
Jean Hangarter
Louis Nahlik
Julie Hill
Patrick O’Connor
Doug Ransdell
Brian Rojas
David Kimmick
Cesar Rivera
nathan wright
Karen Fisher
Drake Preston

Video for proof. Sorry for the blurriness.


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