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2016 Brand New Conference: Volunteers (and other News)

We have 10 to 12 open spots for volunteers for the Brand New Conference in Nashville next month. Ideal candidates can help out all three days from Wednesday September 14 to Friday September 16. See details of tasks and benefits here and apply by e-mail listed there. This is a great opportunity for students or anyone looking to save on the ticket price, work a little hard, and get to enjoy a large portion of the talks.

Bonus Session
We have added a bonus session to the end of Day One that will bring Michael Johnson of johnson banks and Tim Murray of Mozilla to talk about their ongoing rebrand of Mozilla being done in the open. This talk will take place in the main auditorium after the day’s concluding statements and there will be a reception in the lobby where further feedback can be given on the project.

Ticket Giveaway
Our annual giveaway of tickets that our sponsors did not use will be happening next Monday, August 29. There will be at least 25 tickets up for grabs.

Seats Left
We are going to cap the number of seats at 1,000 — even though the venue has capacity for a hundred more or so — but that’s the number we are making things of (1,000 programs; 1,000 bags; 1,000 t-shirts; etc.) As of this writing there are 170 seats left. It sounds like there is ample room, but tickets have been selling fast and consistently these last couple of weeks as people return from vacation. So if you are thinking about attending, don’t think about it for much longer. We’ve updated the attendee list with the most recent registrations/cancellations.


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