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2019 Brand New Conference: Sponsorship Opportunities

Up until now, 90% of our sponsors for the Brand New Conference have come from “outside” the blog and it recently occurred to us that perhaps someone that reads Brand New is part of an in-house design group or mid- to large-size creative agency that could potentially benefit from being a sponsor. How so? You could look at it as a recruiting and/or networking opportunity to attract great talent; as a way to raise your profile in the industry, which can be a heavily populated industry; as a way to find copywriters, illustrators, marketing specialists, and art and creative directors to collaborate with; or, perhaps, simply as a way to connect with others in the industry. The audience of the Brand New Conference is pretty fantastic and we’ve heard some wonderful stories of designers who found jobs and even clients who found designers at the event, so it’s a really great opportunity to interact with passionate and talented folk.

If this sounds interesting, send me an e-mail and I can share a sponsorship package with details and benefits. (Only serious inquiries, please!)

And just as well, if you have a product or service geared towards graphic designers and other creative professionals, this is seriously one of the best audiences when it comes to design conferences.


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