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2020 Brand New Conference: Travel Advisory

If you are considering attending this year’s Brand New Conference in Austin, TX, on October 22 – 23, there are two things:

1) That’s awesome! We have a fantastic line-up of speakers prepared.

2) We want to encourage you to make your travel and hotel/Airbnb reservations as soon as possible because that same weekend is the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas and a lot of people travel to Austin for it so we don’t want you to struggle with this closer to the date.

Other than that, we are all set with an excellent venue, a fun after-party spot, and hoping to see you there!

Pre-sale tickets, at the lowest price point possible, are available through early May when we announce the speakers and move into Early-bird pricing.

PS. No posts today, Monday, February 17 due to Presidents Day, a Federal holiday, which means kids have no school, which means daddy (me) can’t write.


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