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2022 Brand New Conference: It’s on!

The 2022 Brand New Conference in Austin, TX, on October 3 – 4 is back on! Same as with the First Round announcement: pandemic allowing but with additional optimism that by early Fall COVID will be in the rearview mirror (closely behind but hopefully behind).

Tickets are currently at pre-sale prices until May when we announce speakers and release the new website and identity for this year’s conference. Prices will jump from $400 to $500 then, so this is the best time to purchase.

Unlike the previous ten years this is the first time the conference will be held on a Monday and a Tuesday instead of Thursday and Friday, so plan accordingly! It’s a long, annoying story on why we had to change but the silver lining for attendees is that hotel and flight prices should be lower.

We are beyond excited to be doing the Brand New Conference again after a two year hiatus. Hope to see you there!


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