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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2008 by Christian Palino

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EF Logo, Before and After

Henry Steiner, a one-time student of Paul Rand and designer of the HSBC logo, is the latest contemporary designer to alter a Paul Rand logo with a redesign for the once-named Europeiska Ferieskolan — now called Education First. Rand’s original logo was, well, a Rand design — perhaps not as superb as, say, IBM or UPS, but still smart, beautifully crafted and timeless. The redesign was commissioned to integrate “Education First” into the mark, to allow room for the product/service name to be locked-up, and to provide EF with a logo “…to represent all of our products around the world.” Steiner’s design retains the foundation of the Rand mark and executes the update around it with careful craftsmanship. When the logo is set with a product name the neutrally-toned typography finds a good visual balance. The drop shadow is an extra visual element that while not necessarily helping the semantics of the mark (it plays more contrast to the concentric circles than support) does help alleviate the blue box from being a visually flat containing shape. While, by default, I wish to keep Rand’s work from being sent to the graveyard or going under the knife, this rebranding accomplishes the goals set out by the client and at the same time retains the equity that had been established by Rand — and, at least, this logo was not subject to to gradients, shines, and bevels.



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