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Big Wings, Tiny Type

Reviewed Nov. 6, 2009 by Armin

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Chrysler New Logo

I’m treating this as an In Brief because there isn’t much to go by and details are still sketchy. Not to mention that the available images look like roadkill. As many of you may have caught, Chrysler announced a bunch of things this past week in relation to their emerging from the bottom of the auto industry barrel — our blogging colleagues at idsgn have put together something more comprehensive than I was willing to on this Friday morning. On their web site, Chrysler has made available a lot of PDFs covering their Plan, among them is a PDF on the brand going forward, showing a new logo. First, my god, what an abominate design on those PDFs, really embarrassing. Second, the new logo might just as well say “CHOCOLATE” in there because the ratio of wings to type is ridiculously high. And I really don’t foresee these wings, which look average at best, building enough graphic equity to come to signify Chrysler, especially in an industry where the big players have some of the most instantly recognizable logos. Good luck fellas!

Thanks to David Holm for first tip.



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