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Closed for Spring Break (Plus: News!)

The combination of an early Spring Break for our kids and First Round taking place in LA on Friday means that, sadly, there will be no posts this week. We will be back on March 18 with regular posting.

And the big news? If all goes according to plan, on March 25, Brand New will have a new logo, new typography, new color palette, and even some slick new merch! Depending on a few more templates we have to update and some final tweaks, we might have to push that date a couple of days but no later than March 29. The site layout will remain the same.

We are somewhere between super excited and super petrified because we know what it means for Brand New to come in with a logo. “Put up or shut up”, right? I think — nay, hope — you will enjoy it.

In other news for the remainder of this week
  • A new episode of The Follow-up will be released tomorrow.
  • We’ve got an advance heads up a big brand launching a redesign tomorrow, so we will cover that next week.
  • Online registration for First Round in Los Angeles — in person and remote access — closes this Thursday.


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