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Connect the Ads

Reviewed Sep. 24, 2010 by Armin

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Interclick Logo, Before and After

Established in 2006, interclick is a publicly-traded company that focuses on deploying online advertising campaigns based on data to connect advertisers with very specific and targeted audiences. Earlier this month, interclick introduced a new logo created by New York-based CA Square revolving around the theme of “pinpointing digital audiences amid the chaos of data.”

“We wanted a design that highlights the interconnectivity within the chaos of an endless amount of data, and through this process, we believe that we have developed a stronger, more engaging brand identity for interclick.”
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Interclick Logo, Before and After

This is a great evolution story. The old logo was completely forgettable and vague, an apparent after-thought for launching the business four years ago. The new is perfect for this company. The icon is very pretty to look at, even more so on a black background and it doesn’t really require an explanation. It’s about making connections. The icon represents a company that does business online and as such it should act as if it lives online, and the no holds barred, all color approach achieves that. The typography is overly trendy and I don’t think it’s particularly interesting but, again, it works for interclick, it establishes it as a hip, young company that can speak geek, tech, and ROI.



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