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First Round is Back!

After postponing for two years, it is our pleasure and delight to announce — with every ounce of optimism they will not be postponed again — that all First Round events are happening in 2022!

We acknowledge announcing this during the Omicron surge may be counterintuitive but we are hoping/assuming that last year’s cycle will repeat itself with Spring, Summer, and early Fall being relatively low in terms of cases, making the idea of running an event less stressful (and harmful).

The previously planned events for 2020 are all back: New York and the European tour making stops in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Barcelona. PLUS! We just added San Francisco as the first event of 2022. (We realize this is, like, right away so start planning!).


All speakers were contacted last week to re-confirm their participation as so much has happened and changed since the first time we invited them so speakers are subject to change ever so slightly. We didn’t want to wait to re-confirm everyone before announcing that the events were back as we figured time is of the essence for you to make plans. Speakers for San Francisco will be updated as they start accepting invitations but you can count on us to put together a great roster.

We have updated the FAQ section on the website to address COVID-19 concerns, policies, and precautions we will be taking during the events. Mainly face coverings will be obligatory in auditoriums and lobbies and proof of full vaccination OR negative test within 3 days will be required.

There are a lot of new logistics and details we have to figure out in a short period of time to re-think many of the things we had gotten used to doing during the previous reality of live events but we are very eager and excited to make our events feel as special and personable as we have always strived to.

Get your tickets here! (And don’t sleep on San Francisco and New York tickets… both events last time sold out and had very long waitlists.)

Stay tuned for similar Brand New Conference announcement in the coming weeks!


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