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For Fans of Fans

Reviewed Jul. 31, 2008 by Armin

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Hunter Logo, Before and After

Of all the industries or products to discuss logos about I never thought that ceiling fans would be one of them. While not a tremendously exciting rebranding, I think it’s important to highlight products and organizations that may be less glamorous or sexy — because fried chicken is so sexy. Hunter Fan Company, established in 1886 by a father-son team of John and James Hunter that started by making ceiling fans and now purveys other kinds of spinning blade mechanisms and air-influencing machinery, recently changed their logo in what they are calling “the biggest brand overhaul” for the company. I sure hope so. The old logo, if you can even begin to ignore the shameful volumizing, was a charming wordmark — perhaps even with a dash of cool a la Von Dutch — but it was definitely dated. With that name and that execution, and not being familiar with the brand, it felt like a logo moe in place on the side of a rifle. The new logo, which may not have the personality or exuberance of the old one, is at least more elegant, softer and like it would exude more confidence in hanging one of their products over your bed. My favorite part is the color combination, there is something very pleasant and contemporary about it — in combination with the script typeface it reminds me a lot of Harrods, which is a good thing. As opposed to the old logo, the new one looks to be a typeface out of the box instead of a more personable custom script. Even so, anything that rids us of bubblified logos is a win.

Thanks to Jason Williams for the tip.



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