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Half Wolf, Half Dragon, a Whole Lot of Awesome

Reviewed Sep. 15, 2011 by Armin

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BitDefender Logo, Before and After

Launched in 2001 and originating in Romania, BitDefender is one of the leading software options for anti-virus protection and internet security, available for both home users and large businesses. This week, with the launch of its latest version, BitDefender introduced a new identity designed by Bucharest-based Brandient.


At the level of visual identity, Brandient armed Bitdefender with a powerful, sharp weapon: the legendary symbol of the Dacian Dragon-Wolf. Half wolf, half serpent, this totemic creature guarded the Dacian people in their wars and has come to stand for invincible defense. The modern interpretation of the ancient symbol completes the brand promise with sleekness, making the brand highly relevant to digital society while clearly asserting its Romanian roots.
Press Release

Must see: Epic video showing the process and solution.


The old logo was a bit of a typographic freak show and it was very unclear what the icon was supposed to be, even less so from its 3D rendering. The new logo has a great concept behind it, so just to reiterate:

The Dacian Wolf was carried into battle by soldiers defending their territories in ancient times. It created fear in the opposition, and built confidence in those who carried it. We are now the bearers of this symbol that transcends time. While the battlefield has changed, its spirit lives on. We are the defenders of the new digital world. We are AWAKE, always on guard—protecting more than 400 million users across the globe with our award-winning technologies.
Brand Story

That’s the kind of rationalization you want to see. Just perfect. The new logo comes in two flavors: a line drawing as sort of the more corporate mark and a 3D rendering that appears on packaging and other customer-facing applications. The line logo took me a few minutes to figure out what it was; I had to read about the project before understanding. At first I thought it was a jaguar of some kind, so its readability is a bit hard at first, but it’s nicely executed. Then I saw the 3D rendering and at first it creeped me out, like the kind of thing you have a nightmare about of it going into your ear and laying eggs. But, again, after reading the explanation it made good sense. And for some reason I really like it. This is a product that should look like it disinfects on contact and kicks ass. It does.

The typography is another story… there is something very amateurish about the way the spikes are executed, like when you grab the wrong bezier point and pull in the wrong direction without noticing. I mean, it’s fine, but in contrast to the care that seems to have been put on the wolf-dragons, the typography could have benefited from some more of it. Nonetheless, a great redesign for this market.

Plus: the video above! I wish this were how all new designs were rolled out.

Thanks to Dan Tudoroiu for the tip.



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