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Healthy (and Sunny) Junk

Reviewed May. 11, 2009 by Christian Palino

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Sunny D Logo, Before and After

The United Kingdom’s Sunny D is now made with 70% fruit juice, apparently no longer turns kids yellow and has a new look to boot, designed by the brand consultancy Elmwood. This is one of those redesigns that while not doing anything worse, isn’t doing anything better. I remember way back when, the original packaging was just some green and white type on a plastic bottle —�which let the shape and the that-can’t-be-natural color do most of the branding work. The new packaging is certainly vibrant, but I’m not so sure about the ominous fruit up in the clouds (which is strangely reminiscent of this Monty Python moment) or that plastic-looking wannabe surf typography. But hey, “It’s got healthy junk!”

Sunny D Packaging

Thanks to Skylar Challand for the tip.



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