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In Brief: April Miscellany

Reviewed Apr. 27, 2012 by Armin

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April Miscellany

To almost end the month, here are some quick stories to tide you over the weekend.

1. Brooklyn Nets Logo Leaked

April Miscellany

The New Jersey Nets played their last game in New Jersey this week and the team is already gearing up for their new home in Brooklyn starting in the 2012-13 season. Despite trying to merely tease the public, some IT guy doing work inside the maligned Barclays Center in Brooklyn leaked a photo of a logo being affixed to a wall. Full-season tickets go on sale on Monday and I believe that will be the official unveiling of the logo — if so, we are on it. Deadspin has the story.

Thanks to Fabio Cavalli for the tip.

2. Apple World Wide Developer Conference’s Crazy Logo

April Miscellany

With the release of the iPad 3 we saw Apple having some colorful fun with its logo and many speculated whether it was the official new logo — not the case, I think — and now Apple is doing something far scarier than a new logo: it’s being way too loose about the integrity of its logo. The above iteration is for the 2012 Apple World Wide Developer Conference, which attracts almost 5,000 developers of OS X and iOS every year. The monstrosity above better be an aberration and not the new modus operandi, ’cause it sucks.

Thanks to Jennifer Mannhardt for the tip.

3. LogoLounge 2012 Trend Report

April Miscellany

Bill Gardner releases the 10th installment of his annual trend report. Enjoy and avoid. Shown: Peel.

Thanks to James I. Bowie for the tip.



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