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In Brief: August Miscellany

Reviewed Aug. 16, 2011 by Armin

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In Brief

This edition of In Brief isn’t particularly uplifting. But it sure is entertaining.

1. My Rapid Transit Logo Contest Winner
“The MRT [MyRapidTransit] system will be the backbone of the new sustainable transport system in Klang Valley, which will be home to an estimated 10 million people by 2020.” And what better way to celebrate such an ambitious project than with a logo contest? Oh, yes, you leave the winner up to public voting. The winner and 19 runner-ups are posted here. This is why logo contests are scary.

Thanks to Harvard Wang for the tip.

2. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ “New” Logo
The new logo for the renown ad agency has been making the rounds for being a modified lift of a monogram drawn in 1905 found in the compilation Monograms and Ciphers by Albert Angus Turbayne. The logo recently won a Cannes Lion Award. After much speculation on whether it was a rip-off or not, founder Rich Silverstein sets the record straight: “So it’s not a coincidence that the logo looks like a 100 year old ligature. It was 100% intentional. I found it in my library in a book of ligatures that I’ve had for 30 years and always admired. I thought it would be nice to take something old and ignored and reimagine it. And that’s what I did.” Keep it classy ad agencies, keep it classy.

Thanks to Ryan McCullah for first tip.

3. Logo Garden Sells Logos it doesn’t Own
We all know that buying logos off of a website isn’t ideal and how it diminishes the efforts of us, hard-working logo designers, etc. But a new low has been reached by Logo Garden which is a DIY logo making website that is selling icons created by other designers. The image above is a lovely icon originally designed by Felix Sockwell for his local Maplewood Lions club. Other designers being ripped off are Von Glitschka, Christopher Simmons, and Jeff Fisher, who has been keeping a nice tally on his Facebook page, worth a see.

Thanks to Felix Sockwell for first tip.



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