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In Brief: February Miscellany

Reviewed Feb. 4, 2011 by Armin

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February Miscellany

Today you are getting another miscellany because of a major snowstorm in Austin, TX — three quarters of an inch! — that will put both of my daughters at home all day so every minute counts and must be optimized, meaning I can’t spend the necessary time on a proper review this morning. Still, some juicy things to keep you entertained this Friday.

1. Most Desired Brands in the U.S.
Buyology, “the world’s leading strategic neuromarketing company,” has released its first annual Most Desired U.S. Brands Report after six years of spending $8 million testing 240 global brands with more than 5,000 consumers. The results are pretty baffling, unless you are like me (not) and the thing you desire most every single day is Crest. That’s right, Crest is the number one, most desired brand for men. Crest! If there was a brand for watching paint dry that would be more desirable than Crest. Forbes has a breakdown of the top ten brands for men and women.

2. Cam the Ram
Since graduating from Colorado State University in 2001 designer Kyle Stopperan has wanted to give back through his talents and in 2003 he figured out a way how to: proposing a redesign of the athletic department’s mascot, Cam the Ram. It took Kyle seven years to get his mission realized. It’s all summed up in one ramerrific graphic.

3. iheartlogos Season One Book
To cap off the first “season” iheartlogos has released their first self-published book with the top winners. Even though you can see the very top vote getters here and all the submitted logos when you join, there is always something nice about a printed compendium. A little crit/suggestion for season two’s book: Try to provide a little more “voice” to the work through your own editorial point of view as well as more winner commentary, otherwise it just all feels a little detached.



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