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La Presse gets Squared Away

Reviewed Oct. 28, 2011 by Armin

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La Presse Logo, Before and After

Established in 1884, La Presse is one of the largest newspapers in Montréal, Québec with a circulation of over 200,000 copies and a reported “reach” of over 800,000 a week, and, like all newspapers, La Presse has online and mobile counterparts that further extend its reach. This week, the newspaper introduced a new logo and a unified look and naming across print and online media.

The new logo of La Presse has been developed from the results of a survey of readers and non-readers of La Presse and Cyberpresse. This study aimed to identify the essential attributes of an ideal source of information media in the world today. The visual identity was created and is intended as an illustration of six brand attributes that emerged from this study, namely: credibility, friendliness, diversity, completeness, accessibility and immediacy.

A visual identity square, form a part of the new digital world. A simple and effective symbol is used as such on all platforms but offers great potential for variations. The font of the old identity has been preserved to give a sense of continuity in change.
— Brand Guidelines (translated from French by Google)

The most notable change is to the holding shape of the wordmark. From a tapered rectangle with soft rounded edges to a square, breaking the wordmark into two lines. Having never seen the newspaper before — I barely read printed American newspapers, much less those in French from Montréal — I like how the old shape would sit on top of a photograph, breaking the mold of most newspaper front pages and I like how it read as a single unit “La Presse”. With the change, it reads like “La. Presse.” and the square is ho-hum at best. But nothing really wrong with a square. Squares are great. They are just, well, too square sometimes. The new wordmark features tighter tracking and an “L” sliced to match the “A” next to it, reducing that awkward space that always happens with “L”s. Overall, this is a decent if passive evolution, but I guess with newspapers you don’t want to rock the boat too hard and have it sink. Further.

La Presse

Cute promo video announcing the change.

La Presse

Spread that appeared in the newspaper. PDF version there, and some highlights below.

La Presse

La Presse

Thanks to Jean-Francois Proulx for first tip.



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