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New Conference! In-house In-focus In-person In 2025

Very excited (and equally intimidated) to announce a new 2-day conference specifically for in-house teams! In-house In-focus In-person in 2025 will take place on March 27 – 28 in Dallas, TX, at the slick Winspear Opera House in the downtown Arts District. We have a special introductory price through May 12 before we move into pre-sale prices.

About the event

An extension of In-house In-focus, this in-person event will extend our online publication’s mission to highlight the structure, motivations, and endeavors of in-house design, communication, and brand teams from companies around the world as well as to celebrate the work — and the people behind it — that make it possible for companies to build, develop, and evolve a sustainable, engaging, and consistent brand from the inside out.

The event will feature 16 sessions across the two days, each 45 minutes long. Speakers will be selected from a wide range of organizations across industries, markets, and locations and will represent a variety of team structures from one-person brand departments working for a local business to multi-tiered teams operating on behalf of global businesses.

Big-picture topics we will ask our speakers to cover in part or in full:

  • What the benefits and challenges of working in-house are;
  • how teams work with outside agencies and other collaborators;
  • how they work with other in-house teams like marketing and product;
  • what role guidelines play in their day-to-day work;
  • how individual team members feel about working in-house;
  • where the team fits in the structure of the company and what the structure of the team is;
  • the impact of the team on the organization’s goals;
  • what the physical environment of the workplace is;
  • and, naturally, what the work they do looks like.
Who is this conference for?

Anyone working in-house in any role in a design, communications, or brand team, from Junior Designer to Chief Marketing Officer; in any type of organization, from profit to non-profit to governmental; within any size team possible, from a single individual to ten, twenty, fifty, or more; and in any industry from consumer products to software to sports teams to education and everything in between.

Our goal is to showcase the breadth of experiences available, the potential of professional and creative growth, the opportunities for career advancement, and the myriad and exciting output of in-house teams.

Speaking submissions welcome

in-house teams!
Think your team is a good fit to present at this event?
Send us an email and tell us in brief about yourself, your team, and your company.

Designers and/or design firms!
Do you have a client you think would be a good fit?
Ditto! Send us an email and tell us in brief about them.

Full Website & Speaker Announcement in Late Summer of 2024.


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