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New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne



Noted Mar. 17, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 1919) “CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants. Our mission is to help people and businesses to succeed in the public and private sectors. We have more than 227,000 members and students in 179 countries. They work at the heart of business in industry, commerce and not for profit organisations. We have strong relationships with employers, and sponsor leading research. We constantly update our qualification, professional experience requirements and CPD programme. This ensures that our members and students are first choice for employers who are recruiting financially trained business leaders. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards, and to maintaining public confidence in management accounting.”

Design by

SomeOne (London)

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Relevant quote
'These high standards, carry a seal of approval in the form of a heraldic 'Achievement' that has been held by the organisation for decades. At SomeOne, we've always rather loved heraldry, an entire world of meanings, systems and ideas that come together in a beautiful coded way to form unique ways for organisations to represent the many aspects of business.' says Lucy Aebischer, Project Manger at SomeOne. […]

The work will be used in parts of the CIMA organisation where the added authority of the 'Achievement' is required as well as some more innovative applications to emphasise the forward looking approach of the brand. Digitally the previous version was not fit for purpose, the new digitally adept design is created with screen-based applications in mind. The new 'Achievement' works alongside the existing CIMA wordmark.

SomeOne project page

Images (opinion after)
New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne
New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne
New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne
New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne
Block and print.
New Heraldic Achievement for CIMA by SomeOne
Stationery prototype.

To clarify: This is NOT a redesign of CIMA nor a new logo; it's a redesign of the achievement seal used by the organization. It's fairly impossible to argue against this: it's a beautiful crest, there are close-up photos of carving, and the old one looked like digital poop. So, win. The proposed addition of the achievement to stationery also looks quite tasty with the bright CIMA logo acting as a label.

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