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New Logo and Font for It's More Fun in the Philippines by BBDO Guerrero



Noted Feb. 26, 2019 by Armin

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First used in 2012 and relaunched at the end of last year, It’s More Fun in the Philippines! is a tourism campaign and brand from The Philippines’ Department of Tourism, the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for the regulation of the Philippine tourism industry and the promotion of the Philippines as a tourist destination.

Design by

BBDO Guerrero (Makati City, Philippines)

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Font for It's More Fun in the Philippines by BBDO Guerrero
Logo explanation.
Custom font introduction.
New Logo and Font for It's More Fun in the Philippines by BBDO Guerrero
Font mixed with social media users’ photos.
Another take on the above.

The campaign does not have the best design track record… this is their original logo, which evolved into a semi-decent sans serif variation (the Before logo) that, arguably, was less fun. The new logo goes back to being “fun” with an expressive, explosive weave icon that’s a little random but comes from a good place, as explained in the video. It’ just not a very attractive visual in icon form. Then there is the wordmark (and font)… which, like the icon, had very good intentions and the source images used to create it, as explained in the other video, were all great starting points but the final result is a very awkward set of letters that even though they all share stylistic features do not work well together in words. Perhaps it’s the tight letter-spacing used but there is something very unappealing about how the letters interact with each other. Long way of saying that the wordmark is not good. It also has nothing to do visually with the icon. The good thing is that I’m sure, in the end, IT IS more fun in the Philippines, regardless of this logo and font.

Thanks to Ryan Llauderes for the tip.

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