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New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane



Noted Nov. 27, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2011) “Bellhops — originally named Campus Bellhops — was founded by Cam Doody and Stephen Vlahos in the summer of 2011 as a simple solution for college students looking for help moving into and out of their dorms. The founders’ initial goal was to schedule 30 to 40 moves during Auburn University’s three-day freshman orientation weekend, but ultimately they completed 325. After receiving seed capital, the company expanded its services to include customers of all ages, with homes of varying sizes. To keep up with demand, it developed the nation’s first tech-enabled moving platform, which not only streamlines the move-day process but also ensures customers are matched with the most qualified movers and drivers in their area.”

Design by

Gin Lane (New York, NY)

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[We] went with sans serif — for both practical and symbolic reasons. From a practical standpoint, our typeface remains legible at any size, making it ideal for customers who might want to access our site on a variety of devices. On a more abstract level, it has a clean, strong look that signifies both the proficiency of the movers on our platform and who we are as a company…the modern alternative.

Bellhops Medium post

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane
New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane
Monogram to wordmark animation.
New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane
New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane
Online presence.
New Logo and Identity for Bellhops by Gin Lane
Promo video with new look. Video by widgets & stone.

The old logo was mostly a random script that looked like the logo for a group of friends’ softball team which, in a weird way, was sort of appropriate for the ragtag collection of young and (seemingly) enthusiastic college kids that serve as the movers. Mostly, though, the old logo reminds of how equally random the old Airbnb script was. The new logo is random in a new way, going with a sans serif wordmark, along with the rest of the universe. To its credit, it does feature a high crossbar, which makes it somewhat distinct and a customized “B” that… is customized. Not sure with what purpose. The “B” can be used on its own as a monogram and it looks a little clunky (and off center). The identity uses some line illustrations and badges to liven things up but feels weighed down by the choice of Kapra Neue, which doesn’t complement the new logo well and has a somewhat cheap look to it. In more positive news, the new green is nice.

Thanks to Graham Harrell for the tip.

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