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New Logo and Identity for Fanshawe College by Trajectory



Noted Apr. 10, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 1967) “Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology is one of the largest colleges in Ontario, Canada. The main campus is in London, Ontario, with additional campuses in Simcoe, St. Thomas, Woodstock, and Tillsonburg. There are approximately 17,000 full-time students and 26,000 part-time students. Fanshawe College has more than 153,000 alumni living and working around the world. With five campuses serving close to half a million people, Fanshawe has been providing excellence in academic learning and industry training for over 45 years. The College attracts students from approximately 50 countries every year. Fanshawe opens up a world of possibilities for students in more than 150 degree, diploma and certificate programs, along with apprenticeship training.” (Source: Wikipedia).

Design by

Trajectory (Toronto, Canada)

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Relevant quote
Introducing NorthStar, the symbol of Fanshawe's pathfinding commitment.

Because of its essential role in navigation over millennia and across many different cultures, the north star is known by many descriptors: Polaris, pole star, lode star, guiding star. Polaris stands almost motionless in the sky, and all the stars of the Northern sky appear to rotate around it. That makes an excellent fixed point from which to navigate.

Fanshawe's Northstar is made up of four letter f's that come together to represent all points of the compass to create multiple pathways to explore. It's a powerful metaphor for our role in helping people find their way, whatever their goals.

Bold. Innovative. Red.

Fanshawe brand launch page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Fanshawe College by Trajectory
Logo detail.
New Logo and Identity for Fanshawe College by Trajectory
Change announcement image.
New brand video.
New Logo and Identity for Fanshawe College by Trajectory
Raising the new flag.
New Logo and Identity for Fanshawe College by Trajectory
Photo Booth from brand launch event. Way more here.

This is a nice redesign. It modernizes the college and introduces a new symbol with a nice story to tell. The comparisons to a swastika are understandable but ultimately irrelevant. These are clearly four "F"s rotated that look a little like the old logo. If anything, people who are offended by winter should claim this looks too much like a snowflake.

Thanks to Gus Bencomo for the tip.

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