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New Logo and Identity for Jet


Noted Jul. 29, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2015) Jet is a new online retailer that is half Amazon, half Costco by having to pay for a club membership and getting access to very low prices that get lower when you pair certain items together. See video for further explanation.

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Images (opinion after)
Introduction to jet.com via graphics. Animation by Scyld Bowring with sound design by Afield Audio.
Introduction to jet.com via Kumail Nanjiani. (Funny).
New Logo and Identity for Jet
Various images from their Instagram account.

This is simplicity and geometry done right. The three-letter wordmark makes for a perfect, short logo. I would normally dislike the exaggerated "t" but since it mirrors the shape of the "j" it's quite good. My only hesitation is that the first (or I guess second) tittle of the "j" almost makes it look like a "u" with umlauts but since it's a flexible element that changes and there is no word in the dictionary under "üet", it's a minor quibble. I guess another grievance is that I don't care much for the "j" making yet another smiley face logo but it's one of those irresistible things to design. The other great element in the identity is the purple cardboard boxes for shipping: if Jet takes off — yeah, I did that — those purple boxes are going to become as equity-filled as UPS' brown trucks. Look at the middle right photo on the comp image below, that's a powerful visual statement. Most start-ups, um, start up with weak identities and rudimentary applications but this is fully thought-out and well developed to compete from the get-go. Very impressive. (Also impressive: the amount of money they HAD to spend to secure the jet.com domain and the @jet handle on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I doubt any of those were readily available).

Thanks to James Young for the tip.

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