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New Logo and Identity for Lifewords by Sparks Studio



Noted Jan. 11, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1888) “Lifewords (formerly Scripture Gift Mission) is a Christian mission based in London, but with offices worldwide. It exists to promote the positive influence of the Bible on everyday life. This has been done traditionally through literature distribution, but more recently includes websites, film, educational programmes and live events. Lifewords does not carry out mission initiatives directly, but provides resources to other mission organisations, churches, or individuals. All Lifewords’ work is funded by donations, and the agency currently operates in over 25 countries.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Sparks Studio (London, UK)

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At the heart of Lifewords is the belief that everyone, everywhere should be able to experience the Bible for themselves. Working with their team, we refined these into a single, agreed point of view. Lifewords. Inviting, generous and sensitive. Freely sharing the good news of the Bible.

Lifewords wanted a visual identity that would embody the innovation and creativity behind what they do. The focus is as much on the “life” as the “words.”

The preferred direction focuses on the idea of ‘inviting ways in’, creating fresh and engaging ways to explore the Bible’s life words.Together, we decided on custom word mark for the logo. The typography is bold, playful and engaging. This is paired with a bright unexpected colour palette to move them away from the traditional and into the contemporary.

Sparks Studio project page

Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Lifewords by Sparks Studio
New Logo and Identity for Lifewords by Sparks Studio
Custom font.
New Logo and Identity for Lifewords by Sparks Studio
New Logo and Identity for Lifewords by Sparks Studio
Tote bag.

The old logo, in some form of customized Kabel, was… not good. Very weird typographic combination of semi-bold with light weights and the fuzzy square was pretty lame. The new logo is… different! And I think I mean that in a good way. It’s very unexpected in that it’s not an “easy” logo, in the sense that it actually requires a tiny bit of effort to read it and most organizations, especially at this scale, would shy away from anything that’s a challenge. I also like the metaphor of “ways in” as translated into the custom font, where each letter has, literally, a way in. I also like how the letters have a sort of impossible trident structure. I’m not a big fan of the color palette; too heavy and the high contrast combinations seem unnecessary. I’m not a fan of the supporting font, Ubuntu, either as it feels too telecommunications-y. Applications (website and mailer) are fine in terms of look and feel and the custom font alone carries the weight of establishing a consistent identity but this could have been really great with a lighter color palette and better supporting type.

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