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New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch



Noted Sep. 2, 2016 by Armin

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MTAA Super is the superannuation fund of choice for Australians working in the motor trades and allied industries, and is also open to the general public. The Fund is committed to providing members with highly innovative, value adding products and services before and during their retirement years. With $7.5 billion in Funds Under Management and over 260, 000 members and 40,000 employers Australia-wide, MTAA Super is one of the largest occupational-based super funds in Australia. You can join MTAA Super if you are self-employed, a contractor, employed in another industry, wish to roll over a superannuation benefit, or make spouse contributions.”

Design by

Hulsbosch (Sydney, Australia)

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A confident and progressive visual framework centres on an adaptable ‘driving force’ graphic, crafted with boldness in mind and conjoins with a colour palette of bright colours that are vibrant and striking. This primary graphic symbol is a contemporary circular device and a ‘moving’ mark that captures the overall future-focused spirit of the business.

Hulsbosch press release

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New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch
Logo detail.
Video case study.
New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch
New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch
Brochure covers.
New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch
Sheets of some kind.
New Logo and Identity for MTAA Super by Hulsbosch

I'm guessing the old logo was trying to represent the yellow lane dividers in streets and, if so, that was a valiant concept and the execution was fairly decent in the icon but quite bland in the typography. The new logo addresses the automotive audience head-on with a more clearly vehicular icon that looks like a wheel with really pronounced treads (or like a donut with really big sprinkles — but I'll settle with the former interpretation). It's an energetic icon and it looks attractive but somehow it feels off. I think it might be the rounded corners on the lines that make it feel too friendly. The wordmark is mostly fine except that I personally and heavily dislike this kind of sans serif with those wanna-be "r"s. The applications have a vibrant, bold, confident aesthetic and they look far better than the old materials (shown at the :30 mark in the video below) that were timid and bland. Of all the superannuation fund identities I've seen — and I've seen none — this is the best.

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