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New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas



Noted Mar. 7, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1998) “At Rackspace we accelerate the value of the cloud during every phase of digital transformation. By managing apps, data, security and multiple clouds, we are the best choice to help customers get to the cloud, innovate with new technologies and maximize their IT investments. As a recognized Gartner Magic Quadrant leader, we are uniquely positioned to close the gap between the complex reality of today and the promise of tomorrow. Passionate about customer success, we provide unbiased expertise, based on proven results, across all the leading technologies. And across every interaction worldwide, we deliver Fanatical Experience™ — the best customer service experience in the industry. Rackspace has been honored by Fortune, Forbes, Glassdoor and others as one of the best places to work.”

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The primary Rackspace logo has undergone a major refresh. A more modern shade now stands for the company, but red remains core to the Rackspace brand.

The "r" is a stand-in for the logo and a representation of how Rackspace meets customers where they are, standing behind them.

Where once there was Fanatiguy, now there are Rackshapes. These icons represent the Fanatical Experience - working towards shared goals, embracing the cycle of feedback - and will be used in PowerPoint decks and other external communications materials.

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
“Skyline” “r” treatments.
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
Signage, before and after.
New Logo and Identity for Rackspace by Havas
Brand video.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, the new logo is the old logo without the icon — nicknamed, fyi, “Fanatiguy” — and in red. The old icon was cheesy but recognizable. It’s not like you see Rackspace marketing all over the place but in my comings and goings on the internet I have seen it plenty. It’s not a huge loss but I’m sure it required plenty of meetings to decide to stop using it. In its place, the lowercase “r” from the wordmark becomes the hero. As bold as this one is, I don’t think lowercase “r”s were ever meant to be heroes. I’ll admit that in its use with photography, where it looks oversize, it’s almost convincing but when you see it on the signage it looks fairly weak. The wordmark wasn’t great to begin with but in a sea of geometric sans serifs this Myriad-esque bold italic feels surprisingly different. Overall, this isn’t an amazing identity by any means but there is some potential here if they used less generic stock photo and footage and perhaps found some more interesting supporting typography than the generic light techie font used in the video.

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Logo Before & After
Sample Application

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