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New Logo and Livery for China Eastern Airlines by Bang



Noted Dec. 5, 2014 by Armin

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China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited has its headquarter located in Shanghai. As one of the three major airlines in mainland China, it flies a fleet of more than 430 long-haul and short-haul aircraft with an average age of less than seven years, China Eastern serves nearly 80 million travelers annually and ranks among the world’s top 5 airlines in terms of passenger transportation volume. As an official member of SkyTeam, China Eastern has extended its flight network from Shanghai to 1000 cities in 187 countries via close cooperation with SkyTeam member airlines. Members of Eastern Miles can participate the mileage accumulate and redeem program, enjoy member benefits and use any one of the 525 VIP lounges across the world within all 19 SkyTeam member airlines.”

Design by

Bang (Beijing)

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Relevant quote
The new VIS, designed by Bang Strategic Brand Design, a renowned Chinese firm based in Beijing, includes a newer and more modern version of the company's iconic 'Swallow' logo. Bang chose to keep the current red-and-blue colour combination while making the swallow more vivid and lively. The wings of the bird now represent a sky bridge while the tails represent the curvy Huangpu River. The logo is also an artistic transfiguration of the word 'CE', the initials of the company name.

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Images (opinion after)
New Logo and Livery for China Eastern Airlines by Bang
New livery. (Not very different from old one).
New Logo and Livery for China Eastern Airlines by Bang
New Logo and Livery for China Eastern Airlines by Bang
Various details.

Well… I'm not sure why they even bothered with this exercise. The typography is nearly the same — a little better letter-spacing and more Helvetica-esque letterforms — and the icon is no better or worse before or after. As an abstract swallow it leaves way too much to the imagination reading more like two generic swooshes that maybe form a bird of some kind. Seems like a missed opportunity to really bring this airline into the twenty-first century.

Thanks to Harry Hook for the tip.

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