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New Logo for ABC KIDS by Hulsbosch



Noted Mar. 10, 2015 by Armin

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ABC KIDS TV cares about kids and we value the trust that Australian families place in us to educate and entertain their children, with quality local and international programming that reflects the lives of our audience. ABC Kids is home to many trusted and loved programs including Play School, Giggle and Hoot and Bananas in Pyjamas, creating an imaginative world where preschoolers can learn, play and explore.”

Design by

Hulsbosch (Sydney, Australia)

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For over 25 years, the ABC for Kids early learning symbols the Apple, the Bee and the Carrot icons have signified Australia's leading preschool brand for quality products and entertainment. These symbols are a revered standard of the ABC preschool brand and importantly a unique heritage stamp for marketing and communication campaigns.

The Hulsbosch creative solution leverages the equity in the symbols and their visual association and successfully brings it to life in a contemporary manner, enabling growth of the ABC KIDS properties and brand in the future.

Hulsbosch provided text

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New Logo for ABC KIDS by Hulsbosch
Logo detail.
New Logo for ABC KIDS by Hulsbosch
Sample guideline pages.
New Logo for ABC KIDS by Hulsbosch
Screen bug.
New Logo for ABC KIDS by Hulsbosch
Product merchandise.

I keep wanting to see Paul Rand's Eye Bee M rebus in this so I think that's a good thing. The old logo was so literal it almost had its own table of contents. With completely different rendering styles for the apple, bee, and carrot and a hallucinogenic-colored ABC logo, it was a complete mess. The new logo is charming and unifies the apple, bee, and carrot in a very charming, simple way. The typography is fine and the ABC logo integration is as good as it can get with parent companies/networks. Overall: cute!

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