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New Logo for Finn by Chase


Noted Apr. 12, 2018 by Armin

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(Est. 2017) “Finn by Chase is a new all-mobile bank that gives consumers greater control of their everyday spending and saving - and happiness - through a completely mobile experience. The bank designed Finn by working closely with millennials for more than a year to understand their unique money challenges and what influences their spending. Research found that emotions played a large part in their decisions, but they didn’t have a way to understand the impact it had on their financial lives.”

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Customers using their Finn accounts to make purchases have the option of sharing their their feelings about a purchase through emojis (happy, sad or meh), and can swipe that emoji up or down to classify each purchase as a “want” or “need.” Over time, customers will be able to access reports about what motivated their spending habits and what they spent their money on. Finn also lets customers deposit checks, send peer-to-peer payments through Zelle, and automatically save towards predefined goals.

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New Logo for Finn by Chase
New Logo for Finn by Chase
Finn in a nutshell.
Introduction to Finn by Chase.
Another introduction, but longer. Looks like the same video, but it’s different.

Not a lot of info on this one and probably not a huge piece of identity news but it’s… interesting. This is a digital-only bank — no brick and mortar branches (although I’m sure Chase branches are associated with it) — made specifically for millennials and with every passing day where a brand is created or evolved to cater to millennials I find myself more confused by the world. Rating your purchases with emojis? Just be a grown up and deal with your spending. But anyway… to the branding of this. I tried to figure out if there was a reason for the name but no explanation was offered so I’m assuming it was chosen as a cutesy name for “financial” as opposed to a reference to people from Finland or John Boyega’s Star Wars character. I guess it’s a short, efficient, easy-to-remember name. The logo takes after some traits of the Chase wordmark with the hard angles and wide curves and I can see that playing out in “inn” but that “f” hurts my feelings… if only I had a mobile-only app to track how logos makes me feel. The whole thing, though, is unbalanced and weird. The applications show something sort of interesting happening with the use of the uppercase italic but it’s so disconnected from the logo that insert-confused-emoji-here. As usual, I’m happy to accept the fact that I’m not the target audience and that there may be some magical connection this has with millennials that it doesn’t have with me.

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