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New Logo for Florida by St. John & Partners



Noted Feb. 16, 2016 by Armin

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Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI) is a partnership between Florida’s businesses and government leaders and is the principal economic development organization for Florida. EFI facilitates job growth for Florida businesses through recruitment and retention, international trade and exporting, promotion of sporting events, and capital funding programs to assist small and minority businesses.”

Design by

St. John & Partners (Jacksonville, FL)

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In the highly competitive environment of economic development, the new identity serves as a call to action to business leaders interested in starting, growing or relocating their businesses in Florida, and instills a sense of pride in what the state offers to existing business owners and residents.

Reflecting Florida's strength as a home for business, "Florida - The Future is Here" encourages people to see the state in a new and more realistic way through stories and imagery that debunk preconceived views. Florida is optimistic, innovative, original and imaginative with world-class infrastructure, global access and a highly educated workforce. This reinforces Florida as a place for growth and inspiration, demonstrating that the future is now and the future is in Florida.

Enterprise Florida press release

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New Logo for Florida by St. John & Partners
Logo detail.
New Logo for Florida by St. John & Partners
New Logo for Florida by St. John & Partners
New Logo for Florida by St. John & Partners
“Florida The Future is Here” brand video.

One distinction to make in this case is that both the before and after logos shown are for brand campaigns launched by Enterprise Florida, which has its own logo and that one stays the same. Their first attempt at launching a business-focused brand campaign resulted in the logo with a tie because, you know, men = business. The logo got the flack it deserved for being a male-ish logo and for being a bad logo, regardless of the message it conveyed. That brand campaign has gone away and in its place is a more futuristic — gender-neutral! — logo that plays down the "business" pitch for something more hopeful and optimistic. The new logo, trying to look like a NASA project or a space exploration movie poster, is an improvement by default and in execution it almost succeeds. If they could have figured out better width relationships between the letters and maybe a way to apply the cut-off pieces to the other letters (except the "I", of course) this could have been somewhat decent. But that "D" alone, breaks up the rhythm and the "R" and "A" look like they are missing a few square feet of implied space. In application, they are sticking with the missing-stem concept for the headlines and it's not the most pleasant of applications. This could have used a professional type designer's services if it's meant to be a full alphabet. Right now, I imagine, it's been a designer deleting beziers in Illustrator as the need arises for new letters. Overall, this is catchy and attention-grabbing but lacking a lot of refinement.

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