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New Logo for Kalas by Studio Echt



Noted Sep. 11, 2019 by Armin

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(Est. 1990) “KALAS is a leading proprietary manufacturer and distributor of custom cycling apparel in Central and Northern Europe. Born 25 years ago out of a passion for cycling, the company has a rich cycling heritage and prides itself on top quality, product innovation and outstanding customer service. World Champions, Olympic Winners, National Teams, many other Professional Teams and thousands of recreational cyclists in many countries worldwide proudly wear KALAS. KALAS products are characterised as being top quality at a fair price. Production is carefully controlled using the latest manufacturing technology, which is complemented by the craftsmanship of vastly experienced seamstresses. Despite sustained growth KALAS remains a family-owned company, dedicated to supporting the local community of Tabor at its headquarters in the Czech Republic.”

Design by

Studio Echt (Bratislava, Slovakia)

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The original Kalas logo was registered in May 1996 and has been trademarked in over twenty countries. Since then over four million products have carried this logo. Although much loved for its genuine authenticity the original logo had become impractical in the modern digital age, with no clear solution for a portrait version and being difficult to read online when used as an avatar.

“We wished to develop a modern and versatile identity that reflected the brand’s ambitions. One aspect we focused closely on was the development of a distinctive symbol that is effective as an icon or avatar, for use in social media. The new “K” symbol is strikingly different and in time will become instantly recognisable as Kalas. But the new logo is only one part of the story. In creating a new identity we have also selected a new title typeface which is very distinctive."

Kalas post

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New Logo for Kalas by Studio Echt
New Logo for Kalas by Studio Echt
Color variations.
New Logo for Kalas by Studio Echt
New Logo for Kalas by Studio Echt
In use.
Logo explorations and final development video.

The old logo was kind of great and if I am counting correctly I believe those were zero fucks given about whether it was typographically right or wrong, good or bad. It definitely looked dated so I do think its time had come. The new logo, to its credit, does not take the easy way out with a generic sans serif and instead goes with a customized wordmark with plenty of personality. If you have been reading Brand New for a modest amount of time you know that I hate unicase… this is the first time I really like the unicase approach as its very well done and allows the “a”s to stand out in a similar way to the “a”s in the old logo. I really like those notches in them. The monogram is cool too although I’m still not sure why there would be what appear to be two “K”s but, again, visually it’s strong and pairs very well with the wordmark. Not much to see in terms of application — I kinda wanna see where that tagline font is headed — but I thought the logo was unique and interesting enough to get into it.

Thanks to Greg Trowman for the tip.

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