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New Logo for Kiva



Noted Jun. 9, 2016 by Armin

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Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.”

Design by

Martin Grasser and Marian Chiao

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The new evolved wordmark logo preserves the spirit of the original Kiva logo, but modernizes it and moves it forward. The typography and style feel approachable, warm and humble. Those are all traits Kiva works hard to embody, because we know it is the Kiva community that makes our incredible impact possible.

The leaves on the original Kiva logo were inspired by the early focus on agriculture loans. Kiva still serves many farmers around the world, but we also facilitate a broad spectrum of other types of loans: for education, clean energy, arts and community level projects, to name a few.

We kept the leafy K in the logo not just as a nod to the original, but also because it represents growth and connection to the earth.

Kiva post on Medium

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New Logo for Kiva
Logo detail.

It's difficult to be harsh with an organization that means so well but that old logo was excruciatingly bad with the sharp blade of grass and leaves, the rounded "A", the different greens… just bad. The new logo isn't great but it's infinitely better and at least operating within the bare minimum aesthetic standards of a San Francisco tech-based company. The "k" retains the leaves but in a more subtle manner and with better graphic cohesiveness while the rest of the wordmark is a clean and straightforward sans serif that isn't purely geometric (huzzah!). I wasn't aware of Kiva before this post and from the logo and green color I thought it was some kind of agricultural non-profit so, in a way, it's not far from Kiva's core concern but if they were trying to convey that Kiva is more than agricultural loans then the logo (and even the website) don't completely achieve that. Still, that old atrocity had to go and this is another perfectly serviceable modern-day logo.

Thanks to Jonathan McCoy for the tip.

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