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New Logo for MAXXI by Inarea



Noted Nov. 17, 2014 by Armin

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(Est. 2010) The MAXXI (Museo Nazionale Delle Arti del XXI Secolo for long, “National Museum of Art of the Twenty-first Century” in English) is “a national museum of contemporary art and architecture in the Flaminio quartiere of Rome, Italy. The museum is managed by a foundation created by the Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali, the Italian ministry of cultural heritage. It was designed as a multidisciplinary space by Zaha Hadid and committed to experimentation and innovation in the arts and architecture.”

Design by

Inarea (Rome / Milan)

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Relevant quote
The MAXXI is a unique museum, and a national entity. Yet, it maintains a strong connection with Rome and its roots. This is why, in the design of the new logo, the acronym MA is written on purpose with a stylistic Roman typeface, the “Feliciano”, and juxtaposed to a contemporary figure, such as a dynamic and ever-changing 16:9 frame, to create a conceptual and visual imbalance, in order to represent and highlight the passage from the old to the contemporary. The 16:9 frame is designed as a real window, which allows you to see every time a different scenario, beginning with a visual that takes inspiration from the structure of the museum, built in concrete.

Inarea news page

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New Logo for MAXXI by Inarea
Logo variations.
More logo variations set to epic score.

The concept is sort of okay — a Trajan-esque font for its Rome location and a 16:9 box for 21st-century — but the execution leaves a lot to be desired, particularly the XXI part. Seems like it could be so much better and engagingly resolved. What's Italian for "Almost there"?

Thanks to Riccardo Casinelli for the tip.

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