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New Logo for Partij voor de Dieren by Thonik



Noted Feb. 3, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2002) “The Party for the Animals (Dutch: Partij voor de Dieren; PvdD) is a political party in the Netherlands. Among its main goals are animal rights and animal welfare, though it claims not to be a single-issue party. The party does consider itself to be a testimonial party, which does not seek to gain political power, but only to testify to its beliefs. Its chairwoman and political leader is Marianne Thieme. At the moment the Party for the Animals holds 2 of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 1 of the 75 seats in the Senate.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Thonik (Amsterdam)

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Relevant quote
The Party for the Animals has from today a new logo with a butterfly as a logo. The butterfly is an animal that symbolizes nature and the environment, which the logo of the three pillars of the party, animals, nature and environment, brings together. A butterfly is also for transformation; from caterpillar to butterfly. The Party for the Animals is a transition to a society in which sustainability, compassion, personal freedom and personal responsibility are central. […] The butterfly is made ​​up of two hearts as the basic form, which form a cross sign. The logo of the butterfly comes from that basic shape.

Partij voor de Dieren news page (Google translated)

Images (opinion after)
New Logo for Partij voor de Dieren by Thonik
Logo detail.
New logo introduction.
New Logo for Partij voor de Dieren by Thonik
Some kind of banner-y ad things.

A political party based around animals? Oh, the Dutch. Based on the previous cow logo and previous-previous other cow logo I would have totally believed this to be a parody of some kind. But, no, it's really a thing. Moving away from the cow seems like a good idea, as I would associate it more with agriculture. A dog or cat would make it to veterinarian-y or animal rights-y. The butterfly is an interesting choice — transformation, evolution, change, beauty, yada yada yada. Graphically it makes for a good abstraction and having two hearts in there is cute. With the cut-out aesthetic it feels a little like a children learning center so it might need to some adulthood pumped into it somehow, above and beyond Lineto's Circular, used in the wordmark.

Thanks to Hugo den Ouden for the tip.

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