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New Logo for Sydney Symphony Orchestra by Sametz Blackstone



Noted Aug. 19, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1932) “The internationally acclaimed Sydney Symphony Orchestra is resident at the iconic Sydney Opera House and performs more than 180 concerts a year with some of the world’s most illustrious conductors and soloists. Vladimir Ashkenazy, Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor.”

Design by

Sametz Blackstone (Boston, MA!!!)

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2014 Season Press Kit (PDF)
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Relevant quote
In 2014, the SSO also introduces a new brand identity and a new logo. After more than ten years, the SSO is re-introducing the word 'orchestra' into its name, now officially known as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Along with this name change comes a new logo — a visual abstraction of both orchestra and audience, intended to represent the dynamic and exciting concerts on offer.

2014 Season Press Kit

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New Logo for Sydney Symphony Orchestra by Sametz Blackstone
Logo detail.

The fact that they had to hire a design firm all the way around the world in Boston, when there are perfectly good (if not better) design firms in Sydney, is more aggravating because the result is so underwhelming and un-orchestral. It feels like a first-round logo exploration that shouldn't have made it to the second round, much less final.

Thanks to Simeon King for the tip.

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