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New Logo for The Next Web done In-house



Noted Mar. 28, 2016 by Armin

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The Next Web (TNW), founded in 2006, is an online publisher of tech and web development news. It is the parent company of The Next Web Events series, which organizes the TNW Conferences in Amsterdam, New York, and Sao Paulo. TNW was founded by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive. It employs 35 people in Amsterdam and 12 journalists across the globe. As of September 2015, The Next Web receives over 10 million monthly visitors and over 12 million monthly page views that increased from 7.2 million in 6 months.” (Wikipedia)

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The story behind TNW’s new logo

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We’re obsessed with how tech will shape our future. If the new logo had to communicate one thing visually, it’s “future technology”. […] Despite the fact that the new logo doesn’t look out of place in the team lineup for Wipeout – a game that much of the team grew up on – it has a sense of being perpetually futuristic.

The story behind TNW’s new logo

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New Logo for The Next Web done In-house
References for the new logo: The Designers Republic, circuit boards, the Hebrew alphabet.
New Logo for The Next Web done In-house
Logo detail.

The old logo wasn't good but it could have been a lot worse given the continuous-ribbon approach that is so easy to do very wrong. The "NW" ligature was almost cool but the "TN" one was terrible. As the link above explaining the logo shows, the old logo was really unfortunate when the gradients were removed, so adopting a proper 1-color logo is a most welcome upgrade. The new logo is so much in the same vein of The Designers Republic, T-26, mid-1990s aesthetic that it's surprisingly nostalgic. (I was a huge fan of that style at that time). Given how dry a lot of logos and wordmarks can be these days it's refreshing to see someone go for a heavy-handed aesthetic of any kind. In this case, you could argue that this already looks old, like 1982 TRON old, but I would argue that even when this logo is playing within the relatively clichéd futuristic look it conveys future-ness in a quick, playful way. I like it, in particular the widening effect of the small "T" going into the really extended structure of the "W". It's a nice, elongating effect. I doubt the new logo will have many fans here but I dig it and maybe next thing you know, we'll have an Attik revival soon.

Thanks to Andy Van Engen for the tip.

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