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New Logo for Wiggle by BrandOpus



Noted Mar. 25, 2015 by Armin

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“Founded in 1999 in Portsmouth, UK, Wiggle is now the biggest online cycling and tri-sports retailer in the World, serving customers in over 100 countries. Wiggle’s mission is to inspire everybody, everywhere, every day to ‘experience the joy of sport’, irrespective of experience or budget and it supports a wide range of sporting events and activities that encourage and facilitate grass roots participation. Wiggle sells a vast, yet carefully selected, range of sports products and brands through its websites and prides itself on only stocking goods that its staff have tested and can recommend — it only sells the ‘good stuff’! Wiggle provides its customers with industry-leading levels of service, including free delivery, 365 day returns, multi-language customer support and localized currency transactions. The company’s passion and success has been recognised via a number of industry and consumer awards.”

Design by

BrandOpus (London)

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Wiggle are passionate about people experiencing the joy of taking part in sport. Symbols speak louder than words, so we have introduced a mark that evokes the moment of personal sporting achievement. The new identity refreshes the logotype and colour palette for a more sophisticated look whilst achieving far greater consistency across the wide range of Wiggle products and services.

Brand Opus news page

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New Logo for Wiggle by BrandOpus
Logo detail.
New Logo for Wiggle by BrandOpus
Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Team member.
Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Team promo. (Dig the shorts with the old logo and top with new).

Neither version of this logo is good but the new one is the least not good. The old one would have been perfect for a cowboy-lassoing company because what look like a couple of tangled wheels to me is the wrong kind of message for a cycling retailer. The new logo has a somewhat interesting icon that looks like a person holding up their arms in victory or maybe like a bike's handlebars. It looks fairly convincing on the Honda team uniforms. The wordmark is very off-putting with its tiny descenders and odd curvature in the "w". Also, it's as if every letter were from a different logo. Nonetheless, an improvement of sorts.

Thanks to Ed Hughes for the tip.

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