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New Name and Logo for Colectivo Coffee



Noted Aug. 26, 2013 by Armin

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(Est. 1993) “Colectivo Coffee—then Alterra Coffee—began roasting on the fifth floor of a warehouse in Walker’s Point (Wisconsin). We just wanted to make a great cup of coffee and hoped if we did it right, others would want that same great experience. Since then, we have been working hard to constantly improve our craft and grow our business, never losing sight of that original goal—providing a remarkable experience to our customers.”

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Relevant quote
The ALTERRA® brand is going global thanks to Mars Drinks, while we chose to stay local. Maintaining full control of our company and employees' future was a priority in our deal with Mars. At the start of our relationship with Mars Drinks, we decided to change our name in exchange for the long-term investment opportunity this transaction provided. Mars now solely controls the ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters brand name while we strike a new independent path as COLECTIVO™.

Press Release

Images (opinion after)
New Name and Logo for Colectivo Coffee
Logo detail.
New Name and Logo for Colectivo Coffee
Colectivo bus.
New Name and Logo for Colectivo Coffee
Colectivo packaging.
New Name and Logo for Colectivo Coffee
Colectivo packaging.
Introducing Colectivo Coffee.

This is just pure fun and a great way to break away from the shackles of a parent company. The logo and livery on their custom bus is as if Latin American buses and American hot rod graphics had a baby. And then served you coffee. In other words: awesome.

Thanks to Todd Weber for the tip.

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