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New Team Subscription System

For the first year of our subscription model we have been handling team subscriptions “manually” and requiring two steps to register with one of those steps being waiting for me to wake up or come back from lunch to create a custom link for a team manager to share with their team. Those archaic days are over!

Teams are now able to subscribe more easily, at a modestly discounted price — the more members, the higher the discount — and with a single point of contact who will manage team members and have the flexibility to add or remove membership spots as necessary. We can also help with bulk importing team members if you provide us names and emails (offer available to teams of 10 or more only).

Check out the new subscription page to sign up as a team!

Overall, this should make the option to subscribe as a team easier to manage with more flexibility.

For those of you currently on a team plan…

If you are not needing to make any changes, we recommend you leave things as they are until your subscription expires and then you switch by buying a new Teams plan. You can also keep things as they are for as long as you want.

If you need or would like to make any changes sooner than later, email us and we will do a manual switch to a new team plan.

Puppy photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash.



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